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It’s multiplied into product and industrial design. A real vocation that, capitalizing a great patrimony of experiences, dechipers innovative design and packaging concepts, realizes communication and marketing strategies, also with the creation of expositive stands.


A constructive and stimulating dialogue with a customer modern and sensitive to more interesting cultural signs and to the more advanced aesthetical and functional codes.



Design of industrial machinery and consumer goods

For companies that consider it necessary to renew their machinery from a functional and formal point of view, in order to concretize and realize a new, own and unique image.

  • Project and market analysis to find opportunities for usability innovations

  • Model building for ergonomic testing

  • Formal definition (semantics)

  • Visualization parallel to engineering

  • Detail definition

  • Chromatic studies

  • UX graphic interface studies

  • Naming

  • 3D prototyping

  • Rendering

  • 3D animations

  • Prototyping and production support

  • Packaging

  • Communication for sales support


Logos and corporate image design

For clients who need a new coordinated image or want to renew it.

  • Market analysis

  • Concept development

  • Logo design

  • Creation of corporate image (business cards, stationery, envelopes, forms, packaging, ...)

  • Creation and management of websites

  • Creation of printed advertising (totems, posters, banners, ...) and digital advertising (animated and static banners, newsletters, ...)

  • Creation of booths for trade shows and events


Transforming an idea into a unique and recognizable product or solution

Design Driven Differentiation is a corporate training aimed at manufacturing companies, both B2B and B2C, that want to improve their uniqueness to stand out in the market panorama.

The aim of the course is to enhance this uniqueness through product design and its communication, which from a productive exercise becomes the protagonist of strategic positioning.