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The simple rounded shape of the bottle cooler “GLOBUS Jelo” resembles a fortune-teller’s crystal ball. Compared to its metallic counterparts, this champagne cooler is distinguished by the fact that the cooler, including the bottle and the ice turns into a decorative table sculpture. The sharpener “TETRAEDRO” is not only a useful office utensil but at the same time a decorative desk accessory. Shaped like a small pyramid with a softly curved outline, its functional parts are hidden behind its smooth exterior. For Vito Noto and the specialists included in the various projects, designs must not be merely “beautiful.” A project is only completed once the final product presents a harmonious unit of esthetics, functionality, innovation and economic efficiency. The development process involves knowledge of the application of latest technologies, as well as ergonomic, ecologic, social and psychological aspects, requiring close cooperation between the client and the designer.

Autore: Dorian Lucas
Editore: Braun Publishing AG
Anno: 2010